1. Scholarly Project/MASTER’S THESIS:

“Code-meshed texts and Translingual Engagement in a First Year Writing Classroom”

dccummins-code-meshed-texts  Revised 9/19/16 (latest version)

DCCummins.Code.meshed.texts  (original submitted for completion of the Masters’)

2. Term Paper, ENG 700: Introduction to Composition Theory

“Ideologies of Possibility and Possibilities for Transformation:
Exploring the Place of Dialect Diversity in ‘New School’ Composition Studies”

DC Cummins.final700 paper

3.  Term Paper, ENG 715: Pedagogy and Practice of Postsecondary Reading

“Who’s Phonics?  The ‘Great Debate’ Over Phonics Instruction in Adult Reading Classes”

Who’s Phonics. DC Cummins.715

4.  Blog 5, ENG 704: Pedagogical Grammar for Composition

“Blog 5: Responding to Student Writing”

Responding essay. DC Cummins


Teaching Materials

To my Reader,

Attached is a compilation of teaching materials representing syllabi from two courses I have taught at SFSU, and a Teaching Portfolio representing assignments and instructional materials from ENG 114.04 , including classroom activities centered on Integrated Reading and Writing activities developed through ENG 715: Pedagogy and Practice of Postsecondary Reading, and ENG 717: Projects in Teaching Literature.  The Teaching Portfolio document below was submitted for ENG 718: Supervision of Teaching Experience, which supported my teaching development in ENG 114.04 in Fall 2015, and represents what I see as effective and successful curricular materials that I will use in the future and encourage others to draw from and adapt for their own courses.  It is in this spirit of teacher collaboration that I share all aspects of this Program Portfolio, Teaching Materials, and Theoretical Rationales for my research and scholarship.

Sincerely, and with the best intentions for Collaborative, Innovative, and Transformative Composition Scholarship,

Dan Curtis-Cummins


ENG 214 Student Syllabus.SP16

718 Teach.portfolio.DCCummins


Previous M.A. Education Master’s Thesis: “Student Resistance as Achievement and Transformation: Exploring New Theoretical Definitions”


Ed.M.A.Appendix A copy

Ed.M.A.Appendix B copy